Tanana & Sons Group

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The Tanana and Sons, or the Tanana Group, is a conglomerate of other incorporated businesses focused on providing exquisite services to the Michigan state and America as a whole. Our story began nine years ago when the Tanana Insurance Agency, LLC was formed on the 18th of July, 2011 by Ibrahim Tanana.
Since then, other different sub-brands have been established. They include:
  • Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc
  • Elite Realty Inc
  • Elite Immigration & Translation

Our Mission and Vision


While profit was undoubtedly among his objectives for forming the group, Ibrahim Tanana’s major objective was to solve the problem of clustering relationships between buyers, sellers, and the government.


We are attuned to the fundamental problems most individuals and businesses are facing in the corporate world today, and we are here to help solve these problems by breaking down and simplifying the processes. Still on how attuned we are to serving the people and businesses of today relative to the needs, requirements, and policies of today, we embrace the use of the latest technologies, best software programs, fluid websites, and experienced professionals to deliver our services to each and every client.


Taking into cognizance the daily needs of businesses and individuals so that they can focus more on the important things that affect their activities and careers respectively, we take it upon ourselves to do the “dirty job.” The Tanana Group, as attested to by many clients that have enjoyed our services, is like a third eye, a third arm, and a third leg.

Phone: (586) 553-9116
Email Address: ibrahim@tanana.com

Meet Ibrahim Tanana

Since time immemorial, Ibrahim Tanana has been a veteran in the fields of accounting and taxation. Many citizens of the United States, especially the communities of Sterling Heights and her neighbors, trust the expertise, knowledge, and experience of Ibrahim Tanana for their tax preparations.

Ibrahim Tanana started his journey when he incorporated the Elite Accounting and Tax Services to better help small businesses with the preparation of their taxes. Being an IRS registered tax preparer and having a very deep understanding of the corporate world relative to tax, he has been able to help small businesses and all other taxpayers maneuver the complexities and bulky documentation and paper works that are involved in filing and preparing taxes.

It goes without saying that he is a very industrious and progressive person, as he has subtly developed both his career and the Tanana Group from 2011 to this moment. He may have started prudently in the tax department, but he can now boast of making tremendous impacts in other areas like realty, insurance, and immigration.

With Ibrahim Tanana and the wonders he has made the Tanana Group, your businesses and related needs are in safe hands.