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we provide businesses and organizations with specialized value-added services.

While we are accountants by trade, we consider ourselves to be true value-adding business consultants to our customers. That is to say, our services do not end with just tax preparation and financial accounts preparations. We also provide consultancy services to our clients to assist their businesses in overcoming any obstacles they may have.

Our management consulting services are a direct reflection of our client’s requirements. That is to say, we provide businesses and organizations with specialized value-added services.

We offer customized management consulting services to assist our customers achieve long-term success. We take pleasure in developing deep connections with each of our clients, which allows us to uncover methods to help them better their business.

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Our Consultation Services Include:

1) Corporation filing and registration:

Our staff will assist you in saving time and money, as well as reduce the dangers that may arise if local processes and deadlines are not strictly adhered to in the process of filing and registration. We offer complete business formation and registration services, which include the following:

We can represent your business in front of the local authorities

We can prepare Articles of Incorporation and all other legal documents that may be required for registration

We can prepare and file registration applications to the appropriate Trade Register

Consultancy on local formal incorporation and type of entity

We can register any required special business license if the need arises

We can register share capital and current bank account

We will provide information on any legal compliance changes related to your business

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2) Entity selection

The entity you choose now can impact your business forever. It will serve as the guide for subsequent business decisions, ability to scale, and tax efficiencies. Therefore, it is very important to know the right entity to choose. In fact, it is better to outsource it to experts like us so you won’t make a dire mistake now.

Given our long history in the industry, we will help you to choose the right entity and business name after considering all the factors that should be considered.

3) Startup and consulting

You can trust us to come into your business, ask you some strategic questions, analyze the relevant data, make a report, and come up with recommendations based on whatever we find relevant and valid. This is a very crucial step for your business, especially at its infant stage. Without proper consultation, you may find your business crawling sooner or later. Even worse is its cessation.

4) Software implementation

At Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc., we assist customers in successfully implementing new and latest accounting software. We also manage and update already existing accounting packages. The results include:

Better automation of financial information, building more efficient accounting infrastructures.

Better perspective for you as the business owner to have a better insight of your accounting system and ultimately help you make better business decisions.

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