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Recruit new employees without necessarily opening a separate department to handle that.

Let us help you manage all the stress of onboarding new intakes and cut you the time, cost and administrative expenses. Elite Accounting and Tax Services has all the necessary expertise, knowledge and tools to give you the rest of mind that you need. Through our experienced recruitment team and HR department, we will help you handpick the best candidates from the pool of potential candidates. We will make sure that we pick candidates that are suitable for your organization and vice versa. Using our services will ensure that you have enough time to focus on other important activities of your business. Trust us, and we will deliver the best HR and recruitment services to you.
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We will handle the compliance

We take care of everything, including taxes, social security, minimum pay, termination obligations, and more, to guarantee you’re in compliance with local regulations even as you onboard new employees to your business. In a matter of minutes, we can help you create, send, and sign employment contracts that are in line with local regulations, protecting your business from unnecessary risks.

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Streamline your documents

We gather all of the tax, permit, and compliance documentation you will need to guarantee that your new employees is prepared to function legally wherever they are. Hiring us to handle your recruitment invariably means that it’s our liability to take care of your employees. We will take on all employment liability to make sure you are compliant with the relevant local laws.

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