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Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc. is a top payroll management service provider run by seasoned experts with substantial financial and business expertise.

With our Payroll Management, you’ll get quick, accurate, and economical payroll services matched to your company’s size and needs. Our highly experienced Elite Accounting & Tax Services Payroll Management team, which includes Certified Payroll Professionals, Fundamental Payroll Certified specialists, CPAs, and consultants, will provide you with peace of mind by staying on top of the ever-changing reporting and filing requirements, so you don’t have to. You’ll work with a professional team of accounting and business experts who will provide you with prompt and personalized services.  

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Our services

1) Employee Benefits

We will help you keep your top employees and aid your recruitment efforts by providing competitive benefit plans. Your employee benefits plan will be effectively implemented and administered by us.

2) Payroll Administration

Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc. is committed to helping you ease this stress by ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time. Our payroll administration solution contains features that essentially remove all of the costs associated with running your own payroll.

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3) Payroll Advisory

We offer you a payroll crew that is competent and informed and can answer any payroll-related query. Your workers can also contact us if they have any issues with their pay or deductions.

4) Tax Administration

We handle state and federal payroll reports for you, so you don’t have to. Compliance with federal and state employment tax rules is the responsibility of our committed team. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your employment taxes will be calculated accurately and paid on time.

5) Workers Compensation

We understand the financial impact that injuries may have on a company. As a result, we offer a comprehensive set of outstanding claims services aimed at reducing the detrimental impact of work-related injuries. Our services also assist companies in reducing claim expenses by rightly guiding people back to good health.

6) Safety & risk management

We ensure that your environment delivers a safe and productive workplace for you and your staff by examining hidden dangers and potential safety breaches.

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Employee background check

Conducting background checks on your candidates and employees is one excellent strategy to safeguard your company from potential employment troubles. Every company’s first job is to know for sure who they have on board. This will help the organization keep a good reputation while also reducing potential employment dangers. Academic qualification verification, past employment verification, guarantors/referees verification, residence verification, and criminal record verification are all included in our background checks.

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