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Tax team that conducts in-depth research and analysis

It can be difficult to keep up with constantly changing tax regulations while optimizing tax savings. When it comes to paying taxes, you want to make sure you take advantage of every potential deduction, incentive, and tax credit. Our tax consultants at Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc. work directly with you to develop a tax plan that takes advantage of new and current regulations, reducing your overall tax burden now and in the future. 

Our tax team conducts in-depth research and analysis of your tax status in order to give tax estimates and particular tax planning guidance, such as family tax planning and asset management. We attempt to comprehend both the corporate and personal aspects of tax planning.

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Our tax consulting practice provides a complete range of tax planning services, including:

1) Individual Tax

Tax laws have been complicated since time immemorial, still complicated and will always be complicated if we must be honest with each other because they are always changing and evolving. What is legal and acceptable today may become illegal and unacceptable tomorrow. Notwithstanding, at Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc., we believe that every change provides a chance to reduce taxes now while also planning for the future.

2) Business Tax

Every financial decision made today by a business owner will surely have tax implications tomorrow. Every businessman knows this. To design a very good strategy that will benefit your business, our tax specialists evaluate all available tax strategies, and choose the most advantageous one.

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3) State & Local Tax

When transactions occur across many incomes, state lines, sales, or franchise, tax issues may arise. We can assist you in navigating cross-state tax rules and preparing for any possible implications for your business.

4) Estate, Trusts & Gifts

Our tax specialists will work with you to evaluate and assess tax consequences, asset transfer possibilities, and family considerations in order to design a plan that will meet your requirements and those of your descendants and dependents for the rest of your lives.

5) Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies assist business owners in identifying possibilities to minimize taxes, increase cash flow, and reinvest in their businesses or possibly invest in other businesses.

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